Pastor Randy Gilbert, President

Pastor Cherie Gilbert, Vice-President

James A. Gilbert, Dean

Leona Anderson, Assistant Dean
Debra D. Johnson, Registrar
Sophia Talley, Administrative Assistant

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Pastor Randy Gilbert

Pastor & President

Pastor Randy was raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He attended Flagler College, and in 1979, he and his wife Cherie graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center. They founded Faith Landmarks Ministries in 1980, and Faith Landmarks Bible Institute in 1989. Pastor Randy is the author of most of the FLBI Curriculum.

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Pastor Cherie Gilbert

Pastor & Vice President

Pastor Cherie was raised in Richmond, VA and met Pastor Randy in St. Augustine, FL. They were married in 1976 and graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1979. Pastor Cherie started the first children’s ministry at Faith Landmarks Ministries and has served as the Music Director since 1980.


James Gilbert

Dean & Instructor

James A Gilbert was born in St. Augustine, FL, and grew up in Richmond, VA. He has been a member of Faith Landmarks Ministries since its first service on April 6, 1980. James has served as the Media Director/Consultant of Faith Landmarks Ministries since 2001, the Business Manager since 2016, and the Principal of Faith Landmarks Academy since its inception in 2019.


Debra Johnson


Debra was born and educated in Richmond, Virginia. She received her AAS degree in Accounting from J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College. Debra became a member of Faith Landmarks Ministries and a student of Faith Landmarks Bible Institute in the fall of 2007. Upon graduating in June 2009, Debra volunteered as a Teacher’s Assistant of the Bible Institute as well as several other Help Ministries of FLM. She joined the FLM/FLBI staff in April, 2013 and received her ordination from Faith Landmarks Ministerial Fellowship in June, 2013. Upon completion of the Faith Landmarks Bible Institute Third Year Ministerial Program in 2016 Debra was promote to the position of the Registrar.


Angela Galante


Angela was born in New York City, but she spent most of her school years in Northern Virginia. She attended Radford College (now Radford University), receiving a Bachelor of Science degree. She has been a member of FLM since 1983. After working in the corporate world for almost twenty years, she joined the FLM staff in 1990. She has taught in FLBI since its inception in 1989.


Spencer Person


Spencer Person was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia.  He has been a member of Faith Landmarks Ministries since his parents dedicated him as a baby in 1999.  Spencer has served in both the “Kidztown” Children’s Ministry and the “Solid Rock Youth” Ministry for five years.  He has been a staff member of Faith Landmarks and a teacher in Faith Landmarks Academy since 2019.

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Debbie Taylor


Debbie was born in Richmond, Virginia and was educated at J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College. She is married to her husband, Garry, and they have been members of Faith Landmarks Ministries since 1992. Debbie graduated from FLBI in 1997, and has been an FLBI Instructor since 1999.

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Katie Lentz


Originally from North Carolina, she came to Richmond in 1972 working in the Medical Field. Found and joined Faith Landmarks Ministries in 1981 within the first year of the ministry. She is a teacher and department leader of the Children’s Ministry as well as a Worship leader on the Worship Team. Katie is a graduate of FLBI, and an Ordained Minister through FLMF. She is on Staff and serves as the primary director and contact for all Pastoral Activity of Faith Landmarks Ministries.

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Scott Isbell


Scott was born and raised in Hanover, VA. Following graduation from Victory Christian Academy, Scott joined the FLM team in Novgorod Russia to assist with the start of a church and bible school. After a year on the mission field he returned to attend and graduate from Faith Landmarks Bible Institute. He has been an employee of Faith Landmarks Ministries since 1993. He is currently the KidzTown and Outreach Coordinator, Prayer Department and Prison Ministry Team Leader and serves on the Pastoral Team. He is married and has two adult children. Scott enjoys teaching the Bible locally and internationally.

Mary Joe

Mary Jo Ferguson


Mary Jo Ferguson was born in Newport News, Virginia. She graduated cum laude, a Phi Beta Kappa member, from Wells College in Aurora, New York. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in American Studies. She also attended the NYU Institute of Fine Arts in New York for 2 years, studying art history for the Museum Curatorship program. She was born again February 21, 1979. In 1983 she became a member of Faith Landmarks Ministries. She was an instructor in Faith Landmarks Bible Institute from its beginning in 1989 until 1993 when she left to join the FLM missionary team in Novgorod, Russia. She has served as a FLM missionary in Novgorod, Russia and in St. Petersburg, Russia for 23 years. While in Russia she helped open three Bible Schools in Russia and one in Ukraine. She has been an ordained minister with Faith Landmarks Ministries since 1996.

Angela King

Angela King


Angela has been a member of Faith Landmarks Ministries since 1997 and joined the FLM staff in 2001. Since joining the church, she has served in a variety of Helps Ministries. She enjoys spending time with her family and serving at FLM. Her desire is that all believers have a revelation of the local church and their place in the Body of Christ. 


Karen Lusk


Karen was born in Nebraska where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from what is now an extension of the University of Nebraska in Kearney.  She joined FLM in 1986 after transferring to Richmond from Florida.  Karen was part of the first missions team to Novgorod Russia in 1992, graduated 2nd year FLBI in 1996, and 3rd year FLBI in 2017. She has served in many FLM Helps ministries, currently serving in Pastoral Support, Media Presentation, and Zoe Bookstore.  Karen has served on the FLMF leadership team as the membership coordinator since 2011.  After retiring from a 35-year career in IT, she joined the FLM staff as a project manager in 2018.

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Eric Kelly


Eric grew up in Clinton, NY and then attended college at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ. He is married to his amazing wife JaJuan, and they have a wonderful daughter, Kyla. His passions in ministry are teaching the Bible, prison ministry and evangelizing on the streets. Eric is grateful to be working at Faith Landmarks in the capacity of Accountant and Finance Team Leader.


Nichelle Wright


Nichelle was born in Oklahoma and attended Rhema Bible Training Center where she graduated in 1992. She served as a full time missionary in Colombia, South America for 2 years and Sierra Leone and Cameroon, West Africa for 3 years teaching in Bible Schools and ministered with outreach teams. In 2001 she met and married her husband, Kevin in Newport News, Virginia. She has been a member of Faith Landmarks Ministries since 2016 where she serves as a substitute teacher for FLBI and a volunteer at Info Central and Zoe Bookstore.


Garry Taylor


Garry was born in Richmond, Virginia and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University. He first came to Faith Landmarks Ministries in 1991 to attend Faith Landmarks Bible Institute. Garry and his wife, Debbie, became members of FLM in the spring of 1992. Garry has served in many of the church ministries and outreach events since that time. He graduated from FLBI in 1994 and continues to take new classes that have been offered.